Nigeria Advances Science and Innovation with Historic MOU Signing

In a ground breaking move for science, technology, and innovation, the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) and IDEA Linkage LTD (Innovation Development and Entrepreneurship Africa Linkage LTD) have officially inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish the Nigeria Science Technology and Innovation TV (NSTI TV). The historic signing took place at the NASRDA headquarters, with key figures in attendance.

The ceremony saw the Director General of NASRDA, Halilu Shaba, and IDEA Linkage LTD’s CEO, Prof. Solomon Nwaka, leading the charge. Prof. Nwaka expressed his enthusiasm, emphasizing the rich history of IDEA TV, a subsidiary of IDEA Linkage LTD and highlighting the critical importance of collaborative partnerships with government agencies. He also hinted at the bonus investment opportunities arising from this venture.

DG Shaba, in his remarks, extended gratitude to all participants and acknowledged Prof. Nwaka’s significant contributions to COVID, science, and medical research. He assured the audience of a worthwhile investment, noting that NSTI’s impact extends beyond Nigeria’s space sector, reaching across the continent and even globally.

Dr. Felix Ale, Director of Media & Corporate Communications at NASRDA, was appointed as the sub-committee chairman tasked with fleshing out the TV station and acquiring necessary licenses. He recounted the history of NSTI TV and its recent milestones, including obtaining provisional and full licenses from the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) a few months ago. Dr. Ale expressed appreciation for DG Shaba’s unwavering support and concluded with a vote of thanks, emphasizing the commitment to delivering the best on the continent.

This collaboration marks a significant stride toward fostering public-private partnerships in advancing science, technology, and innovation in Nigeria. The joint venture, operating under the name “NSTI TV—the IDEA Television of the Century,” is a pioneering initiative that addresses the realms of science, technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and development, with potential benefits reaching far beyond the borders of Nigeria and into the broader African landscape.

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