Engineering & Space Systems

Brief on ESS

Engineering and Space Systems was created to provide technical capability in aerospace technology.

Our Mandates

Our mandates include…


    • Advanced Computerization & Expert Systems

    • Aeronautics Systems

    • Aerospace Systems

    • Guidance and Control Systems

    • Satellite Navigation Systems

    • Total Quality Management

R & D Projects and Programs​

Telemedicine Remote Project

The telemedicine project is geared towards provision of professional and affordable healthcare delivery for patients in rural and urban settlements via expert systems and aerospace facilities.

Electronic Prototyping Development Board

The electronic prototyping development board for embedded systems is a versatile platform for engineers and developers. 

Autonomous Robot for Satellite Launch Control

The Autonomous Robot for Satellite Launch Control is a cutting-edge robotics system designed to autonomously manage and optimize satellite launch processes. 


Our collaborations include…

Upcoming Events

 NASRDA Engineering and Space Systems In-house Workshop on 6 – 7 November, 2023.

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