Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


The Information Communication and Technology Department is charged with the responsibility of developing IT policies to guide the development and implementation of ICT systems (hardware, software, and networks) within the agency, centers, and laboratories. With the level of technology integration into nearly every facet of life and business, and with specific reference to space science research and technology, the ICT department is crucial to the success and attainment of the vision and mission of the Agency.


The ICT Department has the following mandates:

· Responsible for the development and implementation of the Agency’s ICT Policy necessary for the smooth integration of existing systems and future IT infrastructural developments such as Hardware and software planning, evaluation, selection, acquisition, development, implementation, cybersecurity, and maintenance.

· Provide strategic support for the realization of the Agency’s corporate objectives, values, and development goals through an ICT Master Plan that establishes the framework for further development of the entire ICT infrastructure.

· Maintain agency’s ICT infrastructure to support the integration and automation of tasks by various units and departments within the Agency.

· Provide support and governance for the use of the campus networks and internet services, to enable communication, and collaboration and generally provide active functionality to facilitate the flow of information needed to increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the agency’s workforce.

· Supports the development and sourcing of appropriate applications software suites tailored to various units and departments such as Staff Tracking and Attendance System, Registry Automation, Store Inventory and Asset Management System etc.

· Undertake the development and improvement of the ICT Capacity for technical and non-technical staff of the agency

· Support the development of ICT-based research activities of the agency    

· Any other duty as may be directed by the Director-General/Chief Executive to enhance the ICT base of the Agency.


  • Information Technology  Solutions.
  • Cybersecurity, Networks and Infrastructure.
  • Help Desk
  • System Maintenance 


  • Clock in subsystem for staff attendance
  • Staff Database/HR
  • NASRDA Cloud
  • Registry Automation
  • Centralized agency-wide communication system