Ground Station & Mission Control


The Ground Station & Missions Control (GS&MC) Department is a strategic, critical and essential department of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA). It is responsible for satellite missions concept development, mission design and oversees the build process up to launch, mission operations and Ground Station control. It is literally the link between the Agency, its activities and its aspirations in Space. In essence, it is in charge of all satellite missions and operates all Nigeria’s Space assets.

The activities of the GS&MC Department can be broadly outlined into three components:

  1. Missions Control which deals with the overall space segment, pre-launch and post-launch; including missions design, build, launch (early orbit operations, etc), space asset management, mission optimization and general mission operation for all space assets belonging to the nation throughout their life-span.
  2. Infrastructure which deals with all national satellite ground station facility; internal and external hardware and software design, development, deployment, and continued command and control operations as standalone ground stations and as local and international network of ground stations.
  3. Spectrum Management which deals with the active monitoring, management and technical regulation of all radio frequency activities within the ITU approved satellite useable frequency range at all spectral bands to ensure clear skies within the nation for current and future satellite endeavours.


As the department saddled with the responsibility of being the strategic and tactical gateway between Earth and Space, the mandate of the GS & MC Department is to oversee all Satellite Missions and Ground Station Operations for; Earth Observation Missions and Operations, Communication Satellite Missions and Operations, Aerial Operations, Manned Mission Operations, and any missions and operations that require constant remote access, control and management of the space-based asset.

The objectives of the GS&MC include:

  1. To initiate and deliver on all Space Missions
  2. To manage, maintain and operate all Nigeria’s Space assets
  3. To deliver ideas and innovation to improve all activities required in 1 and 2 above.