Center for Space Science and Technology Education (CSSTE), Ile-Ife


CSSTE is affiliated with the United Nations’ African Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education, established for Anglophone and Francophone countries to:

  1. Develop curriculum, skills and knowledge of University educators and research scientists
  2. Train other professionals and personnel in the applications of Satellite Remote sensing, Meteorology & Communication, Geographic Information System (GIS)

ARCSSTE-E carries out space education outreach programmes in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions across various geo-political zones in Nigeria with the aim to creating awareness about SST and encourages them to choose it as a career path. Highlights of achievements on this programme are:

1. Development of Space Science Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Schools in Nigeria

To mainstream the space science into the Nigeria’s educational system, the Centre developed a space science curriculum for primary and secondary schools’ in Nigeria. The curriculum which was developed and forwarded to the Ministry of Education through the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) is being implemented in piecemeal by some schools in Nigeria.

2. Annual World Space Week (4-10 October)

The World Space Week is marked annually all over the world with various events such as seminars, workshops, symposium to educate and inform the public about the benefits of space exploration to humankind and to mobilize support for the Nation’s endeavours into space.  ARCSSTE-E is the national Coordinating Centre for the World Space Week Association for Nigeria.

3. Zeronauts (Zero-G Flight)

Zero-G flight is a simulation of the feeling astronaut experience in space.  The flight is an initiative of the Houston-based non-profit organization. The Space Week International Association (SWIA) in collaboration with the Zero-G Corporation of Florida, USA, three (3) students from three (3) secondary schools in Nigeria were sponsored by the Centre to participate in the Zero Gravity Flight in the United States of America (USA).

4. Zero Gravity Instrument Project (ZGIP)

As part of the hands-on activities of the Space Education Outreach and Awareness activities, the Centre was one of the institutions that benefitted from the award of Clinostat equipment having received one out of the twenty (20) units distributed worldwide by the United Nations Human Space Technology Initiative Zero-Gravity Instruments Project (UN-HSTI). The Clinostat equipment contributes, foster and advance micro-gravity research and further future space experiments for the benefit of humankind. Secondary school students from across Nigeria participated in the research activity.

5. Robotics Education Competition

In conjunction with the I-lab of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, the Centre established a Robotics Education programme to develop school children’s interest in robotics. Consequently, in 2011, the Centre sponsored    students of primary and secondary schools to participate in the World Robotics Olympiad Competition held in Abu.

6. Teachers Workshop

This is a train-the-trainers’ aspect of the schools SEOP, targeted at teachers in order to empower and enable them teach space –related concepts in their schools.

7. Establishment of Space Clubs

This is an activity strategically targeted at the schools all over the six geopolitical zones in order to sustain the schools space education awareness campaigns and to further   domesticate space science education in schools. It is meant to demystify the notion of space and to empower the youths to develop an interest in space science. It is an initiative geared towards a sustained drive in sensitize, inform education and creating awareness at all levels of education in Nigeria.