Space Licensing

Regulations on Licensing and Supervision of Space Activities


National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) has  concluded arrangements to implement a new Space Licensing Regime in line with the provisions of NASRDA Act, 2010. This is aimed at regulating and supervising activities in Nigeria’s upstream sector of the space industry. Accordingly, an Official Gazette of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; No.106 Vol. 108 dated 28th September, 2021 tagged “Regulations on Licensing and Supervision of Space Activities, 2015” was published.

The new licensing regime empowers the Agency to license all entities or body corporates operating space objects in Nigeria. This is to ensure compliance,  responsibilities and secure ethical practices in the space domain. Therefore, by the enforcement of these regulations, the Agency aims to promote growth and encourage private sector participation in the industry.

The key features of the new Space Licensing Regime include the following:

1. Licensing Requirements: All entities involved in operating space objects in Nigeria’s upstream sector are to obtain the necessary licenses from the Agency. These licenses are designed to ensure compliance with safety, security, and Nigerian International Obligations.

2. Licensing Processes: The Agency has established a dedicated Desk at its headquarters in Abuja to drive these processes. Prospective applicants are required to submit their applications, undergo review procedures, and fulfil the necessary requirements to obtain a license upon the payment of the requisite Licensing Fees. These fees will of course, boost the Internally Generated Revenue base of the nation in line with global best practices.

Consequently, a dedicated web page on the Agency’s  official website, which contains comprehensive details on the regulations, licensing requirements, and procedures can be found via this link: [Click here]

The general public is assured that the agency is committed to ensuring a well-structured licensing processes, conduct public awareness campaigns, and collaborate with relevant regulatory bodies to establish a cohesive regulatory framework in Nigeria.

Yahaya Isah A.  Esq.

Head, Legal  and  Space Regulatory Services.

For :Director- General/Chief Executive.