In accordance with the Nigerian Space Policies, the Nigerian Astronaut Programme is to further enhance the actualization of the Agency’s vision through the implementation of the item number six of NASRDA’s Mandate and the third component of the National Space Policy and Programmes.  This Programme encompasses the processes of identifying, screening, and selecting Astronauts to be trained for Space Mission.

 The aim of the Programme is to launch Nigerian Astronaut in Space in collaboration with other nations for the advancement of humanity and in line with NASRDA’s Mandate. Astronaut selection is an integral part of the Nigerian Astronaut Program and the requirements for this is specific to various countries and their space programmes. There are three categories for candidate selection; Namely Category A which gives priority to NASRDA, Defence Space Administration (DSA) and Military Personnel), Category B for private sector candidates and Category C for Research Institutions and candidates in the Academia.

 In line with the criteria set by other space agencies for the selection on Astronauts, the Nigerian Astronaut Program adopts and modifies these criteria to suit the Nigerian context. The Nigerian Astronaut will be selected based on specified academic and professional qualifications. These criteria will be used for the selection of Astronauts (Pilot Specialist, Payload Specialist and Mission Specialist) and their integration into Training to prepare them to efficiently undertake space flight missions. 

In order to achieve this goal, a Roadmap for Nigerian Astronaut Programme has been developed to achieve the aim and objectives of the program. This Roadmap will answer questions regarding the Why, What, Who, When, Where and How with respect to effective implementation as guided by National Space Policy.  The Nigerian Astronaut Programme proposes key areas as stated below.

  1. Development of Policy Document
  2. Symposium of Relevant Stakeholders
  3. Call for Prospective Astronauts
  4. Establishment of the Astronaut Corps
  5. Call and Screening of Astronaut Research Proposals
  6. Astronaut Training

Currently, the development of a policy document is completed. Space exploration and travel will have economic prospects and innovative opportunities in the near future.

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